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Join us in Panama

In April 2017, we will be headed to exotic Panama where we'll be staying at the Secrets Bonita Panama Resort and Spa. Hard work has its rewards. Premier's Incentive Convention is what agents talk about year after year. Our agents work with a dedicated staff, helping them to consistently grow their business. It only takes 100 points to qualify!

Meet the Premier Staff
Meet Company Reps
Marketing Ideas
Beautiful Resort
Plenty of FREE time

Medicare Quotes

Our Medicare Quoting Tool is a tremendous value to our agents who want the most current rates when selling a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Hospital Indemnity product. Top Medicare Supplement Carriers for 2016…Who? We know…use our Quoting tool to get access.  Now available for your mobile iOS device!

Two simple questions on
Long Term Care and
Life Insurance:
"You may never need care, but what if you did?
(How would it affect your family?)"
"If you do need care, how will you pay for it?"
Call a Life Marketer for the product
that answers these questions with 5 guarantees!

Long Term Care

At Premier LTC® Brokerage, we know there is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to your clients. That's why we pride ourselves on offering varied long term care “solutions”. Whether your client needs traditional long term care insurance, short term care insurance, a carrier who accepts high risks or even life insurance with a long term care component, we can help you find the right product. Learn more.

Long Term Care
Short Term Care
High-Risk Long Term Care

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