Final Expense - An Untapped Market with Incredible Potential

We believe that at the core of the Senior Market is an untapped market called Final Expense. As an agent, you have the ability to capitalize on the "Age Curve" that is taking place in almost every neighborhood and community across the country. The Final Expense space is NOT saturated, and the Senior Market needs you to help the 58 Million - half, of U.S. households - that say they need more life insurance. (Source: 2010 U.S. Life Ownership Study, LIMRA.)

Our business is a numbers game. Watch the following video to take an in-depth look at just a few of the metrics that create an incredible potential for you and your business with Premier Planning® and Final Expense life insurance!

It is important to truly understand the moment in time in which we are currently living and working. In fact, it's pretty difficult not to see or hear about what is occurring. For example, when you read any national news source you will see numbers on the staggering demographic changes taking place. These changes are bringing a tidal wave of potential new customers into your target market at staggering rates. We encourage you to spend a little time learning our turn-key sales and marketing systems to help you serve the millions of Americans who are truly underserved and aging into the target market for which we serve.

Final Expense Systems and Support

Far too many individuals are going without life insurance. Your clients need you. Your community needs you. We have the systematic approach to help make you more successful and our Final Expense National Marketing Directors are here to walk with you every step of the way. Our team of experts have years of industry experience and can share with you proven concepts and sales techniques that work.

When you work with one of our Final Expense National Marketing Directors you will have unbridled access to personal one-on-one training, Legacy Safeguard University support as well as access to the top products in the market. Our team also works hand-in-hand with each national insurance carrier we represent to help ensure that your business is processed properly, accurately underwritten and placed in a timely manner. When you work with Premier Planning® you will be served well, because we treat each piece of new business you write as our own.

If you are not selling Final Expense, you should spend a little time learning the market potential and contact one of our National Marketing Directors to develop a game plan to get started! Someone is going to serve your clients and your community with Final Expense whole life insurance, make sure it is you.