Premier Planning® provides comprehensive final expense products and innovative sales and marketing systems for independent insurance agents, financial planners and elder law attorneys in all 50 states.

As a Premier Planning® Advisor, you will have access to revolutionary systems for lead generation, individual or group presentations and turn-key referral programs. Our national marketing directors and experienced support staff provide a high level of sales training, presentation support and back-room assistance to individual advisors, as well as some of the foremost agencies across the United States.

Premier Planning® is also known as an industry leader and innovator when it comes to product development. Combining competitive products with our unique turn-key sales and marketing systems creates unlimited potential and tangible results. In addition, we are honored to sit upon Advisory Boards of multiple large A rated insurance companies. This allows us to bring you industry updates first so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Premier Planning® is one of the nation's leading insurance marketing and consulting companies. Through our experience and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to creating innovative products and marketing systems for the life insurance industry. Contact one of our experienced and highly trained Marketing Directors today for more information


We believe it is important to leave a legacy, and part of that legacy is to be remembered long after we are gone. With this in mind, Legacy Safeguard was created to help you and your clients leave a lasting legacy and assist a member's family through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Legacy Safeguard provides members with legacy planning and end-of-life planning, assistance, support, and guidance. With membership in Legacy Safeguard, we can guide you and your clients through the legacy planning process so a member's family will be able to understand the member's core values and life lessons for generations to come.

You no longer have to talk about death and funerals. Instead you talk about helping your clients leave a lasting legacy and being remembered long after they are gone. Ask one of our Marketing Directors about all of these impressive benefits and services that as, an agent, you can offer to your clients and the community you serve.


Premier Planning® is proud to be a founding member of Integrity Marketing Group. Integrity Marketing Group is one of the nations largest Senior Market Distribution Networks in the insurance industry with over 105,000 independent advisors focused on the Senior Market.

Integrity Marketing Group has a proven distribution and focuses on product design, product development, actuarial support, product filing, reinsurance partnerships plus sales and marketing support.