Life Insurance Industry Marketing and Consulting Services

Premier Planning® is considered to be a leader and innovator in the Senior Market. Our principals are heavily sought after to assist major rated life and health insurance carriers develop new and exciting products. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, Premier Planning® provides the following consulting services on a national level:

Below is a breakdown of the above services to help provide you with a better understanding of our wide range of consulting services.

Product Development

The Final Expense space is currently being bombarded with life insurance carriers of all sizes who are creating products and getting into Final Expense whole life insurance. Premier Planning® is a leading consulting and marketing company that focuses on product development with large A-rated carriers with nationally recognizable brands who are serious about staying in the market for a long time.

Because of our experience, we are continually sought after to work alongside a carrier through virtually every step of the product development process including:

  • Product Details
  • Product Riders
  • Pricing
  • First-Year Commissions and Renewals
  • Application Design
  • Underwriting
  • And much more

Premier Planning® works with carriers who are serious about protecting our distribution network, have strong commission hierarchy integrity, and most importantly they only work with us exclusively or with only two or three other marketing organizations to distribute their Final Expense products.

If you are interested in creating a new product please contact our principals. We would love to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

Agent Recruitment

We are in the independent insurance brokerage market, which means independent life and health insurance agents get to choose what life insurance carriers and which marketing organizations they wish to work with. So, it is up to us to help life insurance carriers find the best agents across the entire United States. In turn, it is also up to us to make sure the independent agents across the country are aware and know about the new products that are coming out.

Thus, agent recruitment is a crucial part of the business. Premier Planning® works with carriers to ensure that they are prepared to contract or license the amount of agents our distribution can recruit at one time. It is key to set the proper expectations and have a fair and streamlined rollout of new products to ensure that everyone within a carrier's distribution has an equal opportunity to recruit and honor commission requirements.

Premier Planning® takes agent recruitment very seriously and consults with the top carriers in the Senior Market on agent recruitment.

Legacy Safeguard

We believe it is important to leave a legacy, and part of that legacy is to be remembered long after we are gone. With this in mind, Legacy Safeguard was created to help you and your clients leave a lasting legacy and assist member's families through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Legacy Safeguard provides members with legacy planning and end of life planning, assistance, support, and guidance. With membership in Legacy Safeguard, we can guide you and your clients through the legacy planning process so a member's family will be able to understand the member's core values and life lessons for generations to come.

You no longer have to talk about death and funerals. Instead you talk about helping your clients leave a lasting legacy and being remembered long after they are gone. Ask one of our Marketing Directors about all of these impressive benefits and services that, as an agent, you can offer to your clients and the community you serve.

Integrity Marketing Group

Premier Planning® is proud to be a founding member of Integrity Marketing Group. Integrity Marketing Group is one of the nations largest Senior Market Distribution Networks in the insurance industry with over 105,000 independent agents focused on the Senior Market.

Integrity Marketing Group has a proven distribution and focuses on product design, product development, actuarial support, product filing, reinsurance partnerships plus sales and marketing support.