"When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail."

We know Long Term Care Insurance isn't right for everyone. That's why we prefer to provide our producers with Long Term Care "Solutions", giving them the ability to choose from multiple products to create the perfect plan for their clients. Some options include:

  • Traditional Long Term Care Insurance
  • Short Term (Recovery) Care
  • Guaranteed Issue Home Care
  • High Risk Long Term Care Insurance
  • Group Long Term Care Insurance

Our experienced marketing team will help tailor a strategy to meet your clients' needs. We also supply complete back-room services such as:

  • Case Design
  • Quotes
  • Pre-Underwriting Advice
  • Case Management and Follow Up
  • Marketing Supplies

Our goal at Premier LTC® Brokerage is to help all of our producers bring Long Term Care Insurance to their clients, ensuring each client is prepared for their final days with respect, dignity and careful consideration.